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      When I try to update my timefactor, using the preset list I have created in factor lib, it says bad !! on my pedal display. What am i doing wrong? Please help!

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      Billy Foppiano

      Notice the first 10 banks are "bad" throw them away (select and cut), and then load one by one. Or load the whole bank and end up with alphabet soup in the display. BUT first, cut the bad first 10 or 20 banks out. You'll see.

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      I dont get what you mean…. cant i send out my whole list of presets? I can send one at a time, but the writing does not sync up as well….

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      I updated to the newest software, and used the factor Lib… all I can say is great job eventide!!!

      I love how I can use any of my saved presets, copy them, and move them! I am so happy with the new software! I now have the power to do anything I wish with my pedal.

      Keep up the good work eventide! Keep the updates coming!!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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