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      Hi there. I'm trying to use the FactorLib software (on an Mac) to edit and backup presets on my TimeFactor via USB. I can edit the names and parameters but when I click on "Save to Pedal" or "Send Selected", and although the pedal says "Load On" and then "Load Ok" nothing happends sound wise, the sound keeps being the same one before and the present name doesn't change to the new one either.

      Do I'm doing something wrong? I have the last update "3.5.0[4] Production Software" installed

      Thanks in advance


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      Eventide Staff

      I think what you are doing is saving the preset to the pedal  – it won't replace the current loaded one. Once saved, you will have to reload it to hear it.

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      When you say "Realod it" you mean like pressing some other preset and then that one again and it should be there? Because I tried that and didn't work either…

      If that way is working for you please describe step by step how you edit a preset in real time on your computer connected to pedal, change the preset name and then save it to the pedal.



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