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      I’m sporadically working on a WebMIDI application to control the four Factor pedals from a touchscreen Raspberry Pi and trying to read knob values via sysex. The standard sysex document says I should sent SYSEXC_TJ_PROGRAM_WANT (0x4e) followed by Device ID 0x00 to query all pedals. The expected response should have the first line

      [presetnumber] 0 2

      where the algorithm number is always 0 and the dump format is always two. However when I send the request packet I get a very different line like this:

      TimeFactor replies: [presetnumber] 0 3 1
      PitchFactor replies: [presetnumber] 1 3 3
      Space replies: [presetnumber] 2 4 4
      ModFactor replies with garbage

      This suggests the dump format has changed since the latest firmware update for these pedals. Is there an updated spec for the format of SYSEXC_TJ_PROGRAM_DUMP?

      Additionally, when parsing the next line of sysex data which specifies the knob values the values do not match the values of the preset. As an example, here’s the sysex dump of preset 18-1 ROTARY. The % column is calculated from the knob value in sysex divided by the maximum value of 0x7fe0.


      This does not correlate with the knob values on the pedal, shown here in H9 Control. “Intensity” knob in the browser equals “Mix” in H9, sysex says 0% rotation and the other shows 100% rotation. There are many similar discrepancies. Other information like preset name and number are read accurately apart from on the ModFactor which is indecipherable.


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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      UPDATE: The ModFactor needed a power cycle. Now for the same preset I get a response of

      [presetnumber] 5 3 2

      so I’m even more confused


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      Couple of hours work later, I think I’ve figured out a lot of sysex packets by using a sort of “man in the middle” approach over serial MIDI and recording what H9 Control sends and receives. I can duplicate the sysex “want” packets from the browser and all the pedals reply with … something. I’ll keep plugging away and find out how to decipher these responses. Bome MIDI Translator Pro was a big help here but it took me back to the bad old days of MIDI cable spaghetti. Back to good old USB MIDI now and everything’s a lot easier but any pointers in deciphering the sysex responses would be great.

      Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 19-15-55 Document

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      Got there in the end, just had to request all the presets at once the same way H9 Control does.


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