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      Cheers to the designers.

      I bought my Modfactor because, at last, there was on the market, a compact  multi-modulation unit with sophisticated parameter control (for a floor unit),  with all it's processing power dedicated to modulation (unlike the usual multi-effects units with their silly fizzy distortions etc).

      With modfactor I can CREATE, I didn't expect MODELS, I got what it says on the tin and love it.

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      Yeah, I agree that's awesome.  I kinda got lost for awhile and was obsessed with getting the tape delay 'right', and lost sight of listening to the TF in its' entirety for what it is and have been missing a lot of cool sounds in the mod delay and band delay.   For the PF and MF i had no trouble going forward in time to craft experiments to find what worked for me, instead of looking back to duplicate what was before.  If I want a modeler, I will get a modeler.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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