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      dave b

      I recently updated to the version 3 software; as well as the latest Update Utility and FactorLib software. I'm using an M-Audio Uno Midi interface to connect to the Timefactor Midi In/Out.

      When I open FactorLib I set the Config to the Uno usb in/out but when I try to "Open From Midi" I always get a "Check Cables and Config" message. It will not read the presets for my Timefactor.

      I have done a reboot to get the computer to recognise the Uno hardware, plugged and re-plugged in the cables and have done a reinstall of all Eventide software as well.

      Nothing seems to make a difference. One other thing…When I open the Factorlib software in the bottom right corner of the screen I see a message that says WAIT and next to that a numerical seconds count. I have left the pedal plugged in for over an hour just in case it needed more time to make a connection but it made no difference.

      I'd really appriciate some guidance in this matter…


      David Burns

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like a MIDI hardware problem. Try using the USB.

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      dave b

      That was it…

      I didn't realise you could simply use a USB cable. With the first FactorLib version it would only work with a MIDI interface…

      Thanks for the help…. I like the New FactorLib so far….

      Dave B

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