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      Can anyone guide me with use of Factorlib in case I'm doing something wrong.  I can seem to connect, and load up presets from my Modfactor fine, delete or move them around, but then when sending back to the pedal, all the names are lost and for now I've had to manually enter the names back into each preset which is time consuming.  The right preset is in the right location – just the names are lost.  I loaded up a set of presets from another user (thks madmac) into my TimeFactor and no issue, but my ModFactor doesn't seem to want to play so nice.  Any clues or suggestions to try?  

      Another observation when I load up FactorLib from the pedal I get a bunch of presets all for Bank 1:0.  They aren't available for selection on the pedal and if I clear them all out from Factorlib and then send my selection back to the pedal, all is well.  If I then load FactorLib back from the pedal again, all the Bank1:0 will be there again.

      Thanks, Allan 

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      I made a video demo on factorlib a while back, you might find it helpful.




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      Hi Martin.

      Had done all that, but watched through your video and stepped through it again as per that and same result.  The preset loads into the correct place, but its name is lost and just appears as relatively random text on the MF display.


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      Hi Allan,

      I have also seen reports of odd things happening with different versions of firmware.

      I would try with the latest firmware and the latest factorlib … Unless you are running the latest versions?

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      Eventide Staff

      I have a distant memory of some problems with presets created on older versions of the software. As BMF says, make sure you are using the latest version of everything, and if necessary load and resave the presets on the 'Factor.

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      Hi. Yes, am quite current with everything.  Brought both the TF and MF a couple of weeks back – start of January.  Noticed fairly quickly that the MF was a version behind, so downloaded the latest of that, as well as downloading Factorlib so am current on both.  Hmm – now where to from here??

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      Eventide Staff

      If you want, zip up the files and send them to support@eventide.com, marked for my attention, and we can take a look at them.

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      Hi Nick.  I figured I'd retrace all my steps, save each to give you a full set of step by step files to work with to help trace out the issue.  Downloaded Factorlib and reinstalled.  Downloaded latest modfactor ver and reinstalled.  Problem has gone. Seems something didnt install right but all ok now. Thank you for offering to help.

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