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      Hi there,

      i read, there was an update of factorlib coming, so this is more a future thing – or might as well be in the update – or might as well be impossible 🙂

      Do you think, it would be possible in the future, that the factorlib "reads out" the actual setting of each dial and shows this in a row of numbers, so you don't have to check each in follow-up-mode?!

      like:  1:53;2:-4;3:d1/4;4:t1/8;5:0;6:25; etc…

      waveforms could be counted from left to right 1,2,3,4 etc.

      That would be quite helpful. Dunno if it's possible.

      best regards


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      Hey there… just installed the software update to my Pitchfactor. Love being able to name the patches on the pedal. Now I anxiously await the new version of FactorLib so I can go back to using a patch librarian. Any body hear anything about an anticipated delivery date on this update? I want my FactorLIb !!

      Thanks for a great sounding box !!


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      Yes, I also just updated my PF to 3.0 and love the patch naming capability. I anxiously await the arrival of the new update of FactorLib so I once again have a library interface to my pedal. Any one hear any projected release dates on this jewel? 

      I love the sound of this box. Been using Eventide since the early H949 days of recording. The PF gives me the Eventide sound in a stompbox. I wish I could only play up to it's sound potential !! I'm legend in my mind !!

      Happy Holidays…


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      I want to second Diego's request. I was expecting to have the functionality when I ran FactorLib the first time… More than just a storage depot, a place to see and even edit the efx!



      TF, MF, PF owner and player

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      It would be great to read the actual setting of each knob per preset. I lost some of my presets and since the V3 is not yet compatible with FactorLib I cannot find them anymore… Would be amazing to have a kind of personal presets archive to scroll through.

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