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      I have downloaded and installed FactorLib on both a Windows7 machine and an XP machine. Bothe machines recognise the Modfactor. However, I cannot use the 'MIDI:Save to Pedal' function. It returns BAD!! on the MF screen.

      I can use the MIDI: Send Selected function to upload a patch, but I still have to save it manually on the pedal.

      Can you offer any reason why the advertised function on the software does not work? I think the MF is a great piece of kit, but management of the patches is not worth the bother if every single patch and every organisational change has to be uploaded and then saved individually.

      Please help!!!!

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure that you have both the latest version of FactorLib and the latest MF version – there were some initial incompatabilities.

      Also, look for previous discussions of this issue on the Forum.

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