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      I am wondering if it is possible to use the stompboxes (Pitchfactor in my case) fully as midi controllers. That is, is it possible too use the knobs kb0, kb1, kb2, etc, to transmit some controller data without affecting the stompbox's parameters ?

      When i read the manual, i thought it could be possible in System Mode but it doesn't transmit anything. On the other hand, in Play or Bank mode, it does transmit  the CC numbers i assigned , but at the same time i turn the knobs, the internal parameters change.

      Is there a way to prevent this ? For example it would be great to be able to use the knobs in Bank mode without having the internal parameters changing, leaving Play mode only for parameter editing.

      Am i missing something ? Is there a workaround ?

      Thanks for any help.

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      This is an interesting suggestion. At the moment, using knobs to transmit MIDI CC will also change the internal parameters. If enough people ask for a mode where the knobs ONLY transmit MIDI CC, perhaps it will get worked into a new release.

      At the moment there don't seem to be many people using the knobs as MIDI controllers, but maybe it will catch on once people realize how useful it is.

      A workaround for now might be to turn Catchup ON. At lease then the internal parameters won't change until you move the knob to the saved value.


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      Ah, i see, thanks.

      Yeah, i guess this request won't catch on many people.

      Personally, in real time, i'm happy enough modulating with only one source (exp pedal) , and for gear volume reduction in a live situation, i thought it would be very, very handy, since i also use a computer and wouldn't need to bring along an extra controller. Compact setup.

      Well, gotta try a little lobbying, i guess ^ ^

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      I'd be all in for a MIDI 'local off' mode, to use the knobs of my PF controlling other stuff without affecting the PF itself. great idea! cheers, bernd

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      Count me also for having a  MIDI 'local off' mode fro my modfactor

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      Great ! Thanks guys for giving a shout.

      Mmmm… if i could find a poll option when posting on this forum,  i would think it's worth making a new post. Provided a sufficient number of users would  vote for a "local off" mode, we would maybe have it in the next update. When i read Achaput's answer, i understand it would technically be  possible.

      That would be so great… especially considering that i love the feel of the knobs and switches, and the real sturdiness compared to affordable usb/midi controllers.

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