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      Hi All

      About to go out on tour here and trying to save presets using FactorLib which either crashes or says "No Stompbox Found / Check connect8ons and MIDI config / Then try again"

      I changed the UB cord, rebooted the Mac, turned the TF on and off etc. No dice

      My MF works fine, and therefore I can only think ther eis a problem with the TF.

      Anyone have any ideas, or some other way to do a SYSEX dump to and from the TF?

      Many thanks


      GEAR: MF / TF with latest updates + Mac on 10.5 OSx

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      More details…

      The MacBook sees the TF in "About this Mac / More Info / Hardware / USB" even though FactorLib says "No Stompbox Found"… Or, FactorLib crashes "unexpectedly"

      As I said, the MF works fine.

      I changed teh USB cord, reinstalled FactorLib, rebooted the Mac.

      This seems therefore to be a hardware issue

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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      I was able to use  Snoize to make a sysex dump for safety purposes


      Then (see page 41 of the TF manual) I did a SYSTEM reset. 

      All works now!

      Thanks to Eventide Joel for the help

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      I had this problem just yesterday when attempting to dump my presets trough FactorLib. Then I realized the TF has to be on MIDI mode, selecting DUMP -> PRESETS. When you do that, the TF says SENDING. At that moment (via usb) my FactorLib received my presets (using the OPEN FROM MIDI option).

      I am not midi literate, but I guess the FactorLib does not work by just pluggin the cable to the TF, you must also indicate what you want to do.

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      Eventide Staff

      You are correct in that you need to tell the TF what you want it to do. But, if the MIDI is set up correctly, selecting Open From MIDI in FactorLib should be all you need.

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      Then I was missing something probably, becuase this was the only way I could get the TF to work with the FactorLib. I was using a usb cable, instead of a midi one….

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