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      Quick question, RE: the modulation algorithms. Is the “predetermined factor” between Fast and Slow 1/4X?  That is, for example, a “fast” Speed at 4.00 Hz. = Slow 4.00 Hz. = 1.00 Hz.?  Or the reverse: Set a latched Slow Speed to 16.0 Hz. as the equivalent of a ‘normal’ Speed of 4.00 Hz?  And does the same apply across all of the Modulation algorithms (where appropriate)?

      My ears tell me that’s an accurate assessment.  I never actually tested out that theorum side-by-side until this morning.  While I don’t believe that has changed since the ModFactor / H9 implementations, I’ve been under the wrong impression for years.

      I could’ve sworn that I read 8:1 or 10:1 ratios somewhere in the distant past.  I came by this need for absolute sync accuracy while creating a specific Program with EXP pedal mappings.  Thanks in advance.

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