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      Hi, guys, I bought an h90 to record and shrink my pedalboard for the tours I’m doing this year. so it arrived with internal problems incl expression pedal problems all documented here. I was told to take a ticket but I contacted the well-known shop I bought it from to return it instead. They are now saying it’s outside the 1-month return policy and will only repair it, but ill need it for my tours at the end of this month meaning because I had to return it I never recorded with it and if I miss my tours with it then there was no purpose to buying it at all. so I’m wondering if anyone has been through or knows how to resolve issues like this or if Eventide could send me a replacement unit within 2 weeks so I can take it on tour. any help is appreciated thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello cjcampbell2000,

      Please contact support@eventide.com as soon as you can. While you’re waiting for their response, can you describe your problem to see if forums users can help you? I tried searching for “documentation” you’re referring to but none of your other posts discuss problems with expression pedals that I could find. If there truly is an issue with your unit Support will be able to offer you options. Please contact them.

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