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      john beddoe

      hey guys!

      My H9 is about to arrive in the post and i'm wondering which of the algorithms would be the best for a faux bass sound for my guitar?

      I've used my POG2 for this but wondering if i can get as good sound on the H9.

      Would be the octaver or another pitch type algo?

      cheers in advance

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      Pitchflex Algo from the Pitchfactor sounds really good with heavy gauge strings. You can probably do it with the H910/H949 Algo that comes with the unit but I dunno how.

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      Hire a bass player!

      (Speaking as a bass player… Smile )

      Seriously, the PitchFactor algorithms will give you a lot of great choices. Give them a trial and you'll probably find the Octaver will work great.


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      Eventide Staff

      We already have one! Russ is one of DSP developers and a bass player. Check it out:


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      john beddoe

      ok, tried all suggestions. The closest i got was with the pitchflex algo…but nowhere near as good as the POG for a realistic woody bass sound. A pity

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