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      I accidentally buried this in another thread. I intended it to be a new post … so I am resubmitting it.

      February 04, 2016 – 09:54 pm

      I don’t want to start no trouble with the six-string slingers roun’ here, but … has it ever been under consideration to develop/ provide VST/ AU/ AAX versions of H9 Control with DAW tempo sync option and the ability to auatomate H9 preset parameters from within the DAW.. Software control of hardware past MIDI seems to be the bleeding edge.

      As some country singer recently sang: ‘Sure would be cool if you did.”


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      Eventide Staff

      You'll not be surprised too hear that we'd like to do as you describe.

      But it's a lot of work, and we have soo much to do … so, maybe not this week.



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      Nick Rose …

      I have a lot of gear and a lot of forums. I really appreciate how active you and other Eventide staff are on this forum. And I appreciate your respone. That said, I’d like to pin it down.

      I can read you response … “not this week” … two ways.

      1. ‘Yes, it is a good idea we have kicked around and we might even do it sometime in the future.’

      2. ‘Yes, that is on our roadmap, but we don’t want to raise any expectations because even though we plan to do it, we are not sure when.’

      I am truly hoping you mean #2, but either way wish you would clarify.



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