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      As you may or may not know, Ibanez has a Paul Gilbert signature flanger pedal out, the AF2 (Airplane Flanger). See this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkUfPUKilWI

      Is the "takeoff"-mode possible with the modfactor? If not, would be awesome to have that on a future release.

      .. also, I like what Paul says about the random modulation, is this possible with the modfactor? If not, again, would be a feature to get in a future release.

      Kind regards,


      ( Soon to be TimeFactor owner, and later on Mod and hopefully Verbfactor )

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      Hi Jonne,

      You can do "takeoff" style effects with ModFactor by attaching an expression pedal and assigning it to control Depth and Intensity. You could also save two Presets next to each other and switch between them- one at a "normal" Flanger setting, and one stored at the "takeoff" setting.

      Random modulation is what ModFactor is all about! The D-Mod and S-Mod knobs allow you to modulate the modulation, resulting in organic and varying sweeps. The Shape knob and the Mod Source knobs allow you to choose from a list of waveshapes for the modulations.

      Have fun!


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      Well, I figured It could do it. 😀

      So, I guess I have to go and buy myself the Mod Factor next. By the way, I'm very impressed by the whole interacting with customers thing – that alone is a huge motivator to buying your stuff. 🙂

      Kind regards,


      Ps. Hurry up with the Verbfactor, if that is what you guys are working on..  I'm buyin' it.

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