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      Hey, Eventide folks, here’s a feature request.


      A while ago, I commented about how some patches, when tapping tempo (such as the Harmodulator) don’t actually give an accurate tempo, due to the discrepancies between the delays and mod speeds. So, it may say 100 bpm, but if you don’t have those two factors synced just right, your tempo doesn’t reflect what you tapped out. Which makes it impossible to get accurate temops on the fly. A commenter a while ago brought this up as my answer….

      brock wrote:

      In that Trance Octaves preset, you may be hearing the difference between the delays (in milliseconds), and the independent MOD SPEED setting (in % Hz.).  And when you tap in the tempo, both Delay times will change, but the modulation speed remains unaffected.

      See if you hear better results with this variation on the Trance Octaves preset.  It will conform mod speed and delay time to sync while you tap in different tempos.

      As I’ve been playing around with the H9, there are a few other algos that seem to have this problem. Would there be a way to add an option that somehow factors in these discrepancies and gives you an accurate tap tempo, regardless of how these params are configured? It’d make the pedal a heck of a lot more useful.




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      Yes good point! Doesn’t make sense to me that the mod speed influence the the tap tempo. I wonder why they made it that way? or is a bug? Tap tempo should always be the delay time. So the exact tempo that you tap in. No matter how the mod speed is set.

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