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      I’ve ran into a situation where I need I need a dedicated midi command to toggle on an Insert and a 2nd one to toggle it off. Not the only available option which is activate and bypass being tied together (CC value 64-127  for both on and off).

      A midi command like the Momentary Preset On/Off would solve my problem (CC value 0-63  bypass/ 64-127 activate). Are there any plans to implement this? If not please consider such a simple request.


      For the record, this isn’t an issue where I’m needing momentary switching. I have a midi controller where I can program separate midi commands for a press and a 2nd for release of a button. It’s for switching between 2 delay presets (one on h90 and other is Volante in insert loop) and I’m needing changes to the insert state in a specific way that I can’t find any usable workaround.

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      Thanks for the thorough feature request, this is something we’ve discussed adding. Sorry, I can’t recommend any workarounds for you to use. Thanks for your patience.

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