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      I was just starting to go about setting up my own programs to put the H90 into action on my board and quickly noticed that the footswitch functions (unlike the more flexible Quick Knobs) appear to be locked into functions from a single algorithm only.       On a program that may include an “always on” effect such as reverb, it’d be fantastic if one could assign the A/B footswitches both to a single algorithm (For example: delay active/bypass and self-oscilation).

      For now, I’m working around this by having two identical programs but with the delay on/off respectively so I can have the self-oscilation function assigned to a switch.    If I could do that on one program it’d save some tap dancing.

      Sorry if this has been asked before, but the forum search function doesn’t appear to work.   It always spin-waits before returning a timeout error.



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      Hello emarinko,

      Thank you for the feedback. I understand ideally you’d want these functions next to each other. For now, the only alternatives are putting the Active command on Page 1 and Self-oscillation on Page 2 of PERFORM mode. Otherwise, it is possible to assign both functions to an external 3-button aux switch where they can live side by side. MIDI is another option.

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      Ah… the second page is probably the best option for me at the moment.   Good tip!      I was looking at putting them side-by-side on my MIDI controller but there doesn’t appear to be a mapping for self-oscillation so I’m not sure how to assign a CC# for that?

      Really appreciate the quick response!

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      I believe there are ways to accomplish most everything you’ve mentioned (unfortunately, I’m not in front of the H90 now).  Self-oscillation, so … Bouquet Delay?  You can MIDI map to PERFORM 5 or 6 (wherever you have it placed), or directly with press & hold on the appropriate LED.

      For another delay algorithm, you can often achieve self-oscillation by binding to (goes to 110 / maximum) FEEDBACK controls.  I’m a fan of repurposing the three Perform Page 2 HotSwitches for multiple parameters, across both A & B Presets.  MIDI-mappable.

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        Ah… I’m still new to the unit so I didn’t think about mapping it indirectly through the PERFORM association.    That’s very helpful.   Thanks brock!

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