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      With the new polyphonic tracking technology, wouldn’t be grest to be able to send midi notes via midi out to external devices or daw playing your guitar? Or is it possible somehow at the moment?

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      I mean H90…

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      The H90 currently does not transmit/receive MIDI note information but I’ve noted your idea, thanks for the input. If you use Ableton, you could use the Convert Harmony to MIDI feature to accomplish this: https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/converting-audio-to-midi/

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      Let me pile on a bit (related only by MIDI):  H90 support for pitch bend; possibly channel aftertouch.  Probably makes more sense to receive, rather than transmit.  The keyboardists will love you for it, while they ponder a Eurorack version.  And who will then move on to poly AT and MPE support requests.

      Data-intensive, yes, yet the ‘Factors & H9 managed to pull off (at least) 12-bit PB.  The trick with pitchbend will be returning to a center value accurately.  I’ll admit that may not work out logically across all algorithms and all their parameters.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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