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      Hi there!  I'm still loving my TimeFactor – it's just so amazingly fat and awesome!  As I use it I can see a few places to make it even more excellent. 

      1.  Golden ratio delays – tap and one delay sets to tap or note division and the other sets to the golden ratio of the tap. It's an amazing sound – but right now I have to manually calculate the ratio and dial it in. Please?

      2. Add the ability to invert to phase of the delay in one channel. This sounds amazing – the TC2290 sounds I've heard with this are so spacious!

      3.  DMM mode – nuff said. Bit reduction and tape mode really doesn't model the analog delay DMM sound very well. Please give me back a huge chunk of my board that presently holds my Howard Davis modded DMM!

      Thanks for an awesome product … Hers to making it even more awesome!

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      excellent requests.

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      I demoed a TC D-Two today and I have to say the phase inversion trick is the BOMB. PULLEEEEEZZE!

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      Billy Foppiano

      I'm in for the channel inversion…..YUMS!

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