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      Hello Eventide Folks –

      From the posts in this forum I think you can see there are a lot of questions about using Aux Switches with the factor pedals.

      I think there is a lot of demand for the ability to move through and load presets quickly. I would like to see, at a minimum, the ability to assign a switch to loading preset 1 or preset 2. This could supplement BK+ and BK- nicely. For example, one could assign BK- and LD2 (Load preset 2) to, say, RNG, so that when you approached a bank from above, preset 2 of that bank is loaded and ready to go. I suppose the actual parameter load could be delayed until you went back to Play mode to avoid a bunch extra loads as you step through the banks.

      Or… a user could assign LD2 to the same switch as P/B.

      Along those lines I also think there should be a clear distinction between the switch assignments between play mode and bank mode. For example, maybe P/B should work differently when invoked from play mode than when invoked from bank mode. Currently, some assignments cause things to happen in both modes (BYP, P/B, FS1, 2,3) and other assignments (BK+, Bk-) don't. I'm not sure if BK+ is supposed to work from play mode, but it doesn't seem to. Maybe there should be two sets of assignments, one for each mode.

      The bottom line is it would sure be nice to use the aux switch to choose and load a bank and a preset efficiently without using up too many switches and without causing side effects.

      Anyway, I could be confused about all this because, well, it's pretty durn confusing.

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