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      Hi All:

      I’m hoping to either find a preset or build one myself that would assign an EQ frequency amount to my expression pedal so I could use the pedal to do an EQ sweep left and right across the spectrum band.  I’m hoping to accomplish a live filter sweep similar to the feel of the synths swelling/sweeping in “Somebody Told Me” by the killers at 0:05-0:20 (  Would like to be able to use this either on my guitar and/or my synths.

      Does anyone know of a preset that has this setup, or if not which algorhythm I should use to do this?  I tried making my own building off the EQ Compressor algorhythm but it seems the filter bands are hardlocked into certain frequency ranges, meaning I can’t assign an expression pedal/hotknob to sweep across the entire spectrum.  I also found it difficult to get the hotknob to be tied to the expression pedal by default in the patch ( I was able to successfully assign the frequency 1 and frequency 2 settings to the hotknob and move them in tandem, but that doesn’t create as dramatic effect as a single EQ point being dragged across the spectrum left and right). 

      Any links or guidance would be most appreciated.

      Thank you,


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      I haven’t looked into your example, or any wah-type algorithm options.

      You might find the Resonator or Sculpt examples below useful:

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      Thanks. I’m quite surprised in this day of edm this is so tricky to find/do. This is video shows how the effect is done in ableton.

      Can the same sweep be setup in h9 with the expression pedal putting a single frequency parameter up and down in frequency and simultaneously up and down in gain.

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      I’ve the same issue, did you find any solution ?


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