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      hi stomp friends. first post…to any forum…ever.

      i recently added the moog clusterflux to my flow. since it's a mono in / stereo out, it is at the beginning of my chain (all other pedals are full stereo).

      shortly thereafter, i noticed an strangeness with the timefactor. with mix full wet on the moog, feeding stereo to the TF filterpong, no echos are heard. other delay patches worked fine and echoed the moog effected audio.

      the clusterflux fully inverts the L & R wet signals to widen the stereo spread. i believe that the filterpong sums the L & R inputs to mono and then throws it back and forth from L to R. summing the inverted signals, cancels the input. to test this i added some dry signal back into the moog and noticed only the dry signal was activating the filterpong.

      i'd really love to use the pong effect in conjunction with the moog. 

      am i missing something? is there another way to achieve this effect? anyone confirm or deny my hypothesis?

      muchas bluegracias,


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