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      Hi.  I have just purchased a new TF and loaded the latest firmware.

      I have noticed that when I load Preset 49:2 without playing anything I get a sound like a fire engine siren.  Is this just a software glitch?  If i increase the bit rate it seems to disappear.

      I also noticed a similar sound when I first tried it with the opened box firmware V1 on Tape Echo setting.  Since loading the latest firmware it has 

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      Eventide Staff

      49:2 is a new preset for the update.  If you check the new preset list names posted here:

      you'll see that 49:2 is called "It's the 5-0."  I believe 5-0 is referring to the police or some siren wielding emergency response entity.  In other words, it's not a glitch, it was very much intentional.

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      Well there you go.  Clearly I had absolutely no clue in regards to the reference to 5-0.  You learn something new each day.Smile

      The more I'm using the TF the more I am finding the incredible sound possibilities of this thing!

      Sounds awesome – cant wait to find more undiscovered tones!

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