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      Hey all.

      So far, everytime I've updated my 'factor stomps, there have been tiny niggling issues that have come with the update, free of charge. Along with this latest update, i also downloaded the Mac Eventide Librarian to my HD. Not entirely sure if the beta version of that had something to do with this latest problem, but I have encountered problems even before the FactorLib was introduced.

      Firstly, the Timefactor.

      I had already brought up the annoying clipping issue that seems to happen ONLY when the VintageDelay model is being used. It is the only effect i run in the serial fx loop on my Diezel Einstein 50. The I/Os are set balanced – both on Line level. When I'm using any gain source out front boosting my signal, there is a horrible sounding clipping noise, however the unit itself doesn't indicate that it's clipping.

      Also, I cannot write anything onto the pedal, nor can it update. When trying to write a new preset, after a few seconds of holding the knob down, the display glitches and the unit stops functioning. The same thing happens when trying to update. I unplug the power cable then replug it. 

      Now, this is a problem both the Pitch and Timefactor share since updating to 3.x.x[xx]

      After powering up, I'll go to select a preset for the first time during that session. It'll load the preset but the parameters of the preset are very obviously messed up. For example, I'll load up my preset on my Pitchfactor for a Minor2nd PitchFlex harmony for the first time since powering up. Instead, it's something like 2 octaves up… the preset is completely incorrect. After i switch to a different preset and back, it performs fine. The same thing happens on the Timefactor.

      Anyway, that's the best i can do with describing the problems. If these problems are somethings you're unfamiliar with (i sure hope not!!!), I'll go record a quick demo video of my pedal's issues, and hopefully you can talk me through troubleshooting them!

      What is going on with my pedals? I love them, and am going to find it tough if i have to send them both in. 

      Thanks so much you guys!


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      The symptoms you described are not healthy behavior! You should send an email to for further assistance.

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