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      Hi New hear,


      just tried to update my timefactor to the new firmware, appeared to complete ok, when I put it on no presetts, just dots in vertical lines.

      Tried to Restore Factory System settings & Restore Factory Presets and system settings, but no joy.


      Can anyone help please !


      *got the latest H9 for Windows loaded.



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      Could you send an email to and mention that you're on Windows? We have an alternative updater that we can send you.  Also, when you turn it on does the display light up immediately, or is there a 10 second delay before it lights up?  If there is a 10 second delay, please mention that as well.

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      Hi, thank you for the quick reply


      After reading thru another post concerning a similar question, one of your guys said try and update again:

      “power on while pressing middle footswitch -UPDATE appears – turn on H9 windows app – when it finds device – update again”


      It worked, got me screen back – Banks and presetts.


      thanks again David


      thanks………………….. the Timefactors a great bit of kit

Viewing 2 reply threads
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