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      I reckon you need an in house guitar tech chaps, testing these out in the real world.

      I've just tried to fix my PF to my board and the velcro will not stick to that foam rubber so I had to remove it which is a real shame. I've managed to preserve it and stick it to some clear acetate to keep the glue fresh but you really do have to think these details through better. Shallow rubber feet would still allow space for velcro to stick to the metal and provided the feet are shallow enough the velcro will still work.

      Still wanting patch names, not going to let up on you !!!  Big Smile

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      Andy Wild

      I'd rather stick velcro to the rubber, anyone find a solution?

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      I prefer screws to velcro, it's much more secure. I use the metal strapping that has holes in it (found at any hardware store). Just cut off a few pieces and fasten them on the pedal using the screws on the bottom. Then you have some wings you can screw onto the pedal board. Some people also use bike chain links the same way, but those might not work depending on the position of the screws on the pedal.

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      Cut a couple of  Velcro strips longer than the base and fold the ends up so that they stick to the sides of the pedal. I do this with all my pedals. To avoid sticking onto the serial number plate (big goof) just put a bit of thick cardboard between it and the Velcro. When you rip the pedal off the board you can press the Velcro ends with your fingers which keeps it in place that extra bit.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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