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      First of all I’m a big eventide user. I have all of the factor pedals an d a H8 max and an extra mod factor.I like where you are going with the multi fx algorithms.Also I would like to thank you for fixing the H9 control software v2.7.10 so I can now successfully back up my Space presets.This is another example of why Eventide is the top shelf product.I have a request for the Flanger. I like to run my pitch factor and time factor in stereo into the mod factor. If I use a ping pong delay into positive and negitive phase shifters the ping pong stereo image is retained. When I use the Flanger the ping pong image turns to mono and the only stereo is the flanging. so I may as well run a mono delay when using the flanger.Why is this happening and can it be fixed, or a new flanger algorithm that can pass stereo input.I have a strymon orbit flanger,boss gt-pro and tc g-major that all do this stereo pass through with the stereo flanger, unfortunately none of them can do a 4 bar midi synced sweep.. Thanks again for the great products.

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