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      I have a major issue with the TAP/PLAY footswitch on my Timefactor. It doesn't respond anymore. I am out of waranty (I bought the device more than two years ago) and decided to open it just to see if I could see anything, clean the switch or something. The thing is I can't seem to remove the screws on the back of the unit… I'm no technician or whatever, but no matter what screwdriver I use, it just seem to ruin the screws, like if they were old cheap things… Am I doing something wrong?

      Thanks for the help and eventhough its giving me a hard time right now it is really a great stompbox, I just hope to have it fixed soon.

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      Eventide Staff

      The screws on the bottom are standard Phillips parts (meaning not Posidrive or other crosshead format). Get a proper screwdriver from a tools store and if they are not in too bad a shape you should be able to undo them. I use Xcelite XST-101 Phillips-1. Alternatively, if they are pretty far gone, an Impact Driver might be worth trying.

      Once you get it undone, try cleaning the switch, but if you are unsuccesful, contact when they are having a good day and they may be sympathetic.

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      Thanks alot for the quick answer! Actually yesterday I removed the front panel and cleaned the external part of the switch and it worked great! Thanks anyway for the tip!

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