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      I have been having some issues with the forum (software I guess?) and am looking for some help.
      (1) My thread about the vintage delays came out as one long run on paragraph without the nice spacing I put in there to make it easy to read. I can see my original formatting in the edit mode here, but not while viewing the thread. Other people's threads look fine, and I am not doing anything different than I would for the Gear Page, or TopHat forums I have belonged to for the past several years. I'm not sure why it is happening.
      (2) I responded with a very long post about the footswitch functions on AlexK's thread, but it only shows the first few lines. The bummer is that Alex hasn't sorted his issue out, and I spent a long time writing it, and working out how to do what he needed.
      (3) This one isn't a problem per se, but having the ability to have a post show immediately would help with us users conversing about a programming issue or setup. We could have a better conversation without the hours between the time the posts are approved.

      I think this forum is great, and will help a lot of us out, as well as give us users a place in which to excitedly talk about the gear we love. If you could help me/us with any of these issues, it would increase the level of our enjoyment and participation greatly. And thanks Italo, for your inside info that you share with us. I enjoy reading your updates about the gear.

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       Hi Chris

      unfortunately the forums will stay moderated, as Eventide Helps has been for 6+ years.

      Believe me, most postings get a quick approval and the discussion goes on smoothly.

      Sometimes, when typing lond text, a wrong key press or a double key press can erase a full posting.

      We have no real way to fix something if we can't reproduce, like on our machines.

      Do you remember hwat exactly happened, whay keys you accidentally pressed or a sequence of any acts that led to loosing the text?

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       Another important point, Chris.

      This forum is not about the "gear we love". There are many other forums for that.

      This is a company forum strictly devoted to support of its products. We talk about Eventide here and help people out, sorting problems or giving advice.


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      I haven't lost any text, because when I go to the footswitch post that got chopped off, in edit mode the whole post is still there. I copied the whole post into word after I was finished and copied that into an email to Alex, but even that did get to him full. I will try posting the full post on his thread again to see if that works. In regards to the moderation, I fully expect that the forum is moderated. The point was that no other forum, manufacturer or otherwise, have I had to wait to have a post show. I'm just letting you know that it gets a bit slow and tedious when you can go over to another forum and get a response to a question from a fellow user immediately. Thanks for your consideration.

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      if a forum is moderated you'll have to wait. There is no way around it.

      We are busy making products, answering support questions and forum ones.

      Besided this, there are working hours, so don't expect the forum to be active 24/7.

      If you have an urgent communication to a specific mamber you can always use the Send a Private Message or Send an Email functions available in this forum.


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