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      baught today my first eventide stompbox. 

      how do i turn it off/on? i cant find it in the manual… is the only way to do this is to disconnect the power suplly?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hope you like it !!

      No stompboxes that I can immediately think of have a power switch – if you want to power it down you usually kill the power input to the power supply. Usually, you power all your kit down at the same time.

      If you just want to kill the effect, use BYPASS. The relay bypass setting gives a "true bypass", so the unit is in effect not there.

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      Congrats… FYI: You first Eventide stompbox is the gateway drug. You will soon feel an uncontrollable desire to shell out $$$ for the remaining 3.

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      Yeah, welcome to the club!! I second guitarlesson's, um, "cautionary statement" 😉 These things are HIGHLY addictive! But, it's well worth it… they are some of the most amazing boxes I've ever heard, seen, held, or been lucky enough to play with (and I've played with a quite few boxes in my time) 😉 LOL!

      Hey, Nick! I've got an older EH Deluxe Memory Man, theold-style big ones with the not-so-sturdy cases, think it's about 10 years old or so… it's got a power switch, but that's the only one I can think of. Personally, I'm glad power switches aren't standard issue. I've got too many other things to worry about when setting up. More power switches equate to more potential points of failure, you know?

      Really do hope you enjoy your new Factor, wiesd!! Which one did you get?

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      I agree, power switches on a stompbox would be a nightmare due to easily being knocked.

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