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      Hi Eventide Dudes,

      I would like to suggest new functionality that would enhance the user experience on the Factor Stompboxes and the H9 family of products.  The one thing that's missing at this point is a way for users to create their own algorithms.  This was offered in a limited (and lame) capacity by TC Electronic using their TonePrint function on their stompboxes.  While the artists were the ones whom had free reign to create customized patches at their heart's content, the users were left with breadcrumbs, so to speak.  Personally, I think that if Eventide were to offer this enhanced functionality to their stompboxes, then the possibilities for creating sounds would be endless.

      With that said, either create a function within the H9 Control software that allows users to create their own customized algorithms or offer a separate piece of software by using predetermined criteria. Ensure that this is a no holds barred offering so that users can truly experiment with the pedal and see what they can come up with. Also, make this feature available for all *Factor stompboxes.

      The catch? The user would be giving up a preset on their stompbox in favor of the new algo that was created so it could be uploaded into the device.

      I would like to be credited for this.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – probably unlikely. Each algorithm represents months of work, by highly skilled people who are familiar with the platform and audio signal processing.

      See, for example, how long it has taken us to update Looper.

      Getting the sort of performance we do in a stompbox is not for everybody. People complain about having to pay for the algorithms, but they are a real bargain.

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      For some times I thought exactly the same about this "missing" functionality…

      Now that I develop dsp algorithms by myself I agree 100% with nickrose, it's a tough tough tough stuff!

      Even the "easy" basic ones (delay, flanger, phaser,…) are a nightmare within the limited resources of a pedal. Doing the same, for instance, as a VST plugin on a plenty full of power processor is more than an order of magnitude easier.

      have fun

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