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      Logically, the next stomper for Eventide. Include compression, pre and post eq, a versital gate like the Rockman Smartgate, and of course a miriad of distortion choices. Get crackin Eventide and send me a proto-type to beta 🙂  

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      Yeah, definitely would not be interested in that. Digital fuzz/distortion modeling = fail.

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      I've though about this too, but in the end, I have to disagree.

      The world needs a good, quality, pure analog (TUBE!!) preamp in pedal form with MIDI control. (Make an Ibanez Tube King or AMT SS-20 programmable and MIDI switchable. That would be PERFECT.) I don't know that Eventide is the right fit for such a product. Feel free to prove me wrong, Eventide.

      My plan is to get a MIDI controlled true bypass looper and use it entirely for distortions, compressors and EQs. Not as compact or elegant, but it is a no-compromise solution.

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      Hey, crazy thing. In my last reply I mentioned how I wish something like the AMT SS-20 were MIDI switchable. Well it turns out it is. You need to buy an add-on called the AMT FS-2MIDI.

      The preamp does not have every sound imaginable (just 3 tube channels) but I've found that a good tube preamp, my volume and tone knobs on my guitar can create amazing variety. Right now I'm using a 2 channel combo amp with eventide boxes in the FX loop, so this is a step up. 

      The SS-20 is a pretty high-gain, "rocker" preamp, so if thats not your style, an Ibanez tube king has a very close circuit to the old Chandler Tube Driver used by Eric Johnson, but it's not MIDI capable.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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