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      I think that i have the same problem like many guitarists have…we like amp's Dist Channel but the Fx-Loop doesn't work like we want!

      I have the Ampeg VH-140C that it's supposed to have serial fx-loop!

      I have try many many times the Eventide Stompboxes in the fx-loop and the result make me 

      to run them in-front because the tone when i put them at the fx-loop is not as quality-detailed as in-front!

      Yesterday i made a test with no results,so,if there is someone with a solution,please help me!

      First i plug the PitchFactor with the smallest-better cables that i have to the fx-loop and the result was that the bypass signal was like before,but when i enabled the PitchFactor,the quality of the pitchfactor's effects was not as good as in-front!

      It was not as clear-defined as in-front and i also hear some kind of "wave"…
      and when i let the notes to sustain,i also heard something like "bubbles"!!!

      Then i enable the input meter that the last update offer to us and the arrow mark never moved!

      Then i unplug the PitchFactor from the fx-loop and try the input meter in-front of the amp and the arrow mark was "alive" .the arrow mark was slightly after the mark on the center!

      After this i plug the PitchFactor at the fx-loop but with the Suhr IsoBoost before the PitchFactor,to see if the buffer will help the signal and if the boost will make the arrow mark to move…

      Honestly,the buffer improve the signal slightly but not as i want!There still was those strange sounds in the affective tone but with slightly better signal.

      Then,i enable the input meter and start to change the potentiometer of the boost
      with no luck!the input meter was still dead!

      Lastly, i want to mention that i tried both guitar-amp/Line input-output level switches with the same result!

      Are there anything that i can do to improve the fx-loop's signal?

      I really like the Distortion from my amp and i will be very happy if i can use it with those amazing stompboxes!

      Thank you,


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      Hi Nikos,

      A quick look at the Ampeg's manual says that the "Post EQ" effects loop configuration is helpful in reducing unwanted noise. Did you try this? Maybe it will help.

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      Thank you Alan,

      for your customer support!

      I want to ask you,which is the "perfect" input level meter?

      Before,after or above the line in the middle?

      And one last thing,

      …any other technique-solution except this one with the Buffer/Boost that i tried that can help improve the signal?  (from fx-loop send to Eventide stompboxes)



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