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       Anyone know a good swell effect? I used to use a uni-vibe and a separate delay to acheive the "incubus" sounding swells. I purchased the modfactor yesterday and i cant seem to get the rotary intensity as high as i want it. just seems a tad too subtle. Any ideas?



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      I tried to do volume swells on the modfactor, with tremolo and wave shape adsr or envelope (whats the difference between adsr and envelope?) and it worked but not in a very usable way, can't adjust the speed of the attack or ramp of volume, also I think there's a bug in that setting the depth fluctuates on it own if i try to use brake/slow to change the rate i had the 2nd lfo dmod and speed on 0 too

      let me know if you find a setting that works for volume swells

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       I agree…an auto swell effect is something that everyone but line 6 seems to ignore.  It's available on the dl4 and the echo park, and has got to be such an easy effect to implement, but I haven't been able to find a setting for it on the modfactor or timefactor (I have both).

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