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      Hi guys,

      I have searched around the forum for this but I didn't see anything that specifically answers my question. So here it is:

      Is it possible to setup and GCP and Modfactor via Midi, so that you can use any of the effects in the ModFactor while the GCP is in Instat Access mode? For example; I have a GCP set up with 8 Instant Access switches and 4 preset switches. Is it possible to assign, let's say a rotary affect to IA switch 1, Phaser to IA switch 2, Chorus to IA switch 3 ect…If it is possible to send program changes this way to the ModFacor I am guessing that it would be impossible to use more than two different effects at the same time with the ModFactor.

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      Not sure about the GCP, don't have one, but… if you can program it to send a program change message when you hit one of the instant access switches, you could get it to do what you're describing. I know there are some others on this forum that do have a GCP, so I'm sure they'll be able to help you more than I can. The GCP user manual probably has something on this, too.

      I do know that you can't do more than one effect at the same time with the MF. But it will definitely switch between any of its 100 presets with MIDI program change messages.

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      I can't see how you could do this to be honest.

      The Instant Access switches send MIDI CC messages and Factors see algorithm changes as Program Changes.

      You can change the algorithms by turning the rotary encoder but that does not change any parameters associated with it such as tempo, Q filters etc so I don't see how practical it would be even if it did it.

      Not tried this specifically, but can't see how it would work as I have programmed the TimeFactor, PitchFactor and Space with MIDI and they all work in the same way. 

      Not a restriction of the Ground Control Pro IMHO, just the way the factors work.

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      Yeah, if the GCP only transmits CC messages when it's in Instant Access mode, that wouldn't work… even if the Factors could switch algorithms via CC, it would require a separate message for each parameter within each preset. Much more complicated than a single program change message.

      Wouldn't the 4 switches along the bottom still be available for program change transmission, even in Instant Access mode? (GCP UM p17) That could allow 4 effects to be accessed (or 3 effects and a bypass) without having to switch GCP banks.

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      Thanks for the replies guys.

      You'll have to excuse me, I am new to midi. As far as an Instant Access messages from the GCP goes… I cannot change ModFactor presets using he GCP in this way? Are you saying that the GCP would have to be in preset mode?

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      Having the GCP in preset mode seems like your best bet. Again, I don't have a GCP, but after taking a look at the GCP user manual, it looks like the GCP can still send program changes from the bottom 4 switches when in instant access mode. It does not look like you can use the instant access buttons to change presets on the MF, though. Or at least that's what I got out of it.

      I believe Badmelonfarmer uses a GCP, so he'll know more than I do. In any case, the GCP user manual looks pretty thorough, so you'll be able to find a lot of answers there.

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      Ok. I will definetly give that manual a read. I don't actually own a GCP yet. I thought I would do some research in what the best midi solotuion would be fore my current setup.

      Thanks for all your input!

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      Tim is correct, you can not use the IA switches to program change only CC changes.

      having said that you can set up the GCP in two different ways…

      1. 8 IA switches and 4 Bank Switches (IA sends MIDI CC and Bank Switches send MIDI PC)

      2. 12 Bank Switches (12 switches send MIDI Program Changes)

      To allow you to switch phaser on you will need to send a Program Change, so you could set up all switches to Bank Mode which will send all Program changes.

      It depends on what you want to do.

      The way I use it is that I use the 8 IA and 4 Bank mode, i figured out that instead of having 1 of the Banks per song, I get a lot more flexibility if I set a group of banks per song, rather than just the one.

      I use a set of 4 Banks per song / setup so I have the option of a intro, verse, chorus solo ..type of thing.

      I usually setup the first bank to be the main sound of what I want, then I copy these bank settings, names etc to the other 3 banks in this group of 4, then I edit them as I want for different sections…some songs are all the same…some different.


      Banks 1 -4 song A

      Banks 5-8 Song B

      Banks 9-12 Song C

      Banks 13 – 16 Song D

      this allows me to send Program changes within a Song

      so Bank 1 Might set Axe-FX Amp AC30, TimeFactor 3:1 and Space 1

      Bank 2 might only change the TimeFactor to 4:1

      You can still use the IA switches to set tempo, bring tuner up on a screen bypass effects etc…things that use MIDI CC's rather than program changes


      So you maybe able to do something like this to achieve what you are after.

      hope that helps.

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      Satch4u3, you're welcome! I'm glad we could help answer your questions.

      Badmelonfarmer, nice… sounds like a flexible setup, probably about how I'd do it if I was still using a MIDI controller. I ditched mine about 10 years ago, but after incorporating all these Eventide boxes, I'm considering adding one again… maybe… Thanks for your help on this one, too!

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      After reading the GCP manual I have a much better understanding of Program Changes and Change Control messages now. I think I will use Banks and Presets as you suggested.

      Thanks again guys!

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      No worries, happy to help guys.

      I find MIDI very frustrating, so happy that I can ease others pain.

      The Ground Control Pro is amazing, very few things I have found it can not do…there are some things though.

      For the cost, it is great value IMHO… the next step up to the Fractal one or the Access All Areas etc was just too much of a jump in price for me to justify.

      After the MIDIMATE , I could not believe how easy the GCP is to program….soooo easy.

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