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      I've been working with the H9 and the Guitar Wing these last couple days… lots of fun.  However I can't seem to get the "on" command right.  I can change patches, but which midi command actually turns the new effect on?  I assumed it would function like the actual switch does on the hardware, do I need two different commands?

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      How do you connect these? Do you need a laptop for them to work?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hard to tell without knowing what commands you are using.

      If you are sending MIDI Program Change, and the preset was saved in Active (i.e not bypassed), that should be enough.

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      I see.  I was only sending CC's, looking for some sort of toggle behavior

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      you can use a USB midi host from kenton or iConnectivity. 

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      You can assign a MIDI CC to toggle between active and bypassed.  If you look in H9 Control under Pedal settings (click the Pedal button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen), go to Midi Settings, and go to "Assign MIDI CC messages to Pedal Functions", you'll see a Pedal Function labeled "Left Footswitch (aka Active Footswitch)".  If you assign that pedal function to a MIDI CC it will toggle the current preset between active and bypassed every time it receives a CC value above 64…

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      that seems like exactly what i was looking for.  Thanks for the helping hand!

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      Hello there,


      I was wondering if the guitar wing can communicate with the H9?

      Can we acheive 2 ways communications as well (where the H9 would send info to light up or shut lights off on the guitar wing upon changing patches).


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      Hi H9 GW people,
      I was just setting up the scenario where my H9 is being remote controlled by my Gtr Wing.
      The setup includes the H9 control app on my iPad with Blietooth MIDI LE running on the iPad.
      Afaik the H9 pedal needs an iOS device or a computer to serve as the Bluetooth MIDI host and the pedal and the Gtr Wing are clients.
      Hope this helps… Google searching is a must for my success!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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