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      Grigg Haws

      I want to use an H-9 do to different effects on my PA rig.

      I know to use the TRS connectors so that it is balanced. 

      I can probably figure out how to set it to the lower levels required for this (input and output levels)

      Do I mix the presets all wet, the use the aux on  my board for mix (sounds right but just checking) I do run stereo PA from time to time, but sometimes not. 

      what should I do  in a mono vs stereo setup?

      I plan on using just the pedal right by the mixer, of wirelessly with an Ipad.

      anything else I should do?

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      Eventide Staff

      If you want to use the mix on your board instead of the dry/wet mix on the H9, you could consider using KILLDRY mode, in the system settings, to mute the dry signal when the H9 is bypassed.  This will let you avoid phase and volume issues that may come up when you bypass the stompbox is in bypass, and will let you use the mix control as an output volume knob instead of just keeping it set to full wet.

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      Grigg Haws

      i knew it had that option, it' nice to confirm. thanks

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