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      Hi, Is the Eventide original of the Wavemechanics SoundBlender effect available as a preset for the Orville?
      It is said to have been a H3000 / DSP4000 effect originally in this document: http://www.soundtoys.com/products/SoundBlender/

      If not; what can be the basic building blocks for this effect in the Eventides if I want to create it myself? (I remember hearing the TDM plugin created 'a wall of sound' that was quite special.)

      best regards,

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       Hi Razo

      the suite of FX available in those plugins has something similar in the 4000 series. You should look in the multi-fx presets in Orville. If you want to work on them in Vsig, check their manual for a signal flow diagram of their algorithms. It should be quite simple to build them in Vsig.



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