H3000 H7600 H8000 How many separate effects parameters can be controlled with a midi expression pedal continuously ?

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      was wondering how many separate effects paramaters can be controlled with a midi expression pedal. in other words, say i have the effects and parameters as follows … volume 80% – 100%, reverb 15% – 30%, chorus 0%-20%, and delay 0% – 20%. can i all assign these to ONE MIDI expression pedal and control them?

      i think lexicon mpx1 can control 5 simultaneously.

      i think rocktron can only do 1: (only volume, or only delay level, etc)

      Some digitech products allow three parameters to be affected by the expression pedal at once.

      I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT EVENTIDE's PROCESSOR !!! H3000 ??? H7600 ??? H8000 ????

      i called tech support … no help with this question and i was told to ask the forum. please help!!! thanks.

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      the H3000 is no longer supported.

      Regarding the H7600/8000FW there is really no limit set to the number of parameters patchable to MIDI CCs. Actually we have gone a step forward by creating the MIDI Virtual Racks presets library. A single MIDI CC is patched to a TWEK  parameter. This can store and recall 10 different tweaks of a preset, including all *labeled parameters and on/off status. Check the Presets Manuals of the units. In the last pages you'll find a complete description of these unique wonders only available on hi end Eventide processors.


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      I use a Behringer FCB1010, which has two buily-in expression pedals. I typically assign the first one to control my guitar pre-amp, and the second one to control my H7600. Via MIDI programming through a PC Editor, it is possible to assign each of the 10 buttons of the 1010 to instruct the expression pedal to control up to 10 MIDI parameters on the H7600. Now, by design, VSigfile and the 7600, and I assume the 8000, can display up to 8 MIDI parameters per display page, so if you need more than that, you can setup the 1010 via MIDI to switch to other menu pages, via Orville MIDI controls that Italo made available on another thread. So I setup buttons 9 & 10 on my 1010 to go up and down menu pages, and 1-8 to control up to 8 MIDI parameters on the 7600. In a nutshell, I can completely control every 7600 patch and its parameters via the foot controller. I'm sure other MIDI floor boards can do that as well, but I found that many, such as the Roland, does not come with a PC Editor. The latter makes MIDI programming REALLY easier.

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      Wow!  thanks for the great info.  A few follow up questions … 

      My experience with Behringer gear has been poor.  I try not to use their gear. 

      QUESTION:  is this Behringer FCB1010 a "QUALITY" MIDI controller?  It's seems that many musicians TRUST this MIDI controller as their "GO TO" MIDI controller.  I'm not sure why this is?  Maybe because it is "QUALITY" … maybe because it's "EASY TO EDIT WITH PC EDITOR" … or maybe just cause it's just "CHEAP" .

      QUESTION: I need to know if the FCB1010 is "road worthy"  and can be trusted not to crap out or glitch when being used repeatedly – especially with regards to the pedals.  It would be used 2 to 4 times a week for 3 hours each.  That's 6 – 12 hours each week and it must be a dependable unit. 

      QUESTION:  I've been looking at three MIDI controllers and would like to know your thoughts or the forums opinions.  1)  the new Moog MP-201 ?… 2) Roland FC-300 ? … 3) the ART x15 ? (only because it is the only MIDI controller with the pedals on the LEFT side … it's my understanding that this MIDI controller isn't the best … but i would like to hear additional feedback as well).

      VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: i have a friend with an H3000 that owes me a few bucks and has a H3000 DSE that he's willing to part with.  MY QUESTION: can the H3000 DSE be used the same way the 7600 can be used as a MIDI controller for a LIVE RIG described above in previes post ???    (I know "technically" Eventide no longer supports the H3000 … but i want to use Eventide products but i'm not able to purchase the 7600 or 8000 at this time … if the H3000 DSE will work for me and with a MIDI controller i would be able to affect multiple range parameter settings on a single foot / expression pedal … that's what i need to know.  I don't want to step down to TC Helicon or Lexicon unit if i don't have to and i have a H3000 that a friend is willing to part with.)  PLEASE let me know if the H3000 DSE can be used with a MIDI controller in a live rig similar to the 7600 ???  thanks so much.

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      I would never buy Behringer gear that would affect my tone, but as far as MIDI, I just can't see anything wrong with the FCB1010. In fact, I liked mine so much that I bought a second unit, in series, so I constantly have 4 expression pedals available to control my rig. One for wet/dry, one for the mesa TriAxis tone control, and two to control the H7600.
      Clearly, the PC Editor is a huge plus. Despite that I am a computer programmer, I just hate to have to read complex and ridiculous MIDI manuals for each different gear. So I do favor gear that has PC Editors, and I suspect others do too. But having said that, the only reason why one might not want to use this unit, which I cannot comment on, might be reliability on stage. I only use my rig in a studio, so I don't know, but you can definitely find out on the FCB1010 Yahoo Users Group (one of the busiests I have ever seen). You'll definitely be able to communicate with "gigging" guitarists and musicians who could attest reliability.
      Lastly, there might be some specific MIDI functionality that more expensive units might have, which the 1010 doesn't, but it would have to be somehting really specific. One I can think of is that the 1010 can only assign the MIDI channel of its expression pedal in "global" mode, i.e. a different preset won't be able to change it. There is a guy who developed a $15 chip set for the 1010 called the Uno Firmware, that adds a lot of flexibility.
      So at the end of the day, I suspect most pros don't like Behringer as a brand, because acosutically, it's pretty weak, I agree, but as far as MIDI foot board, different story I think. I have jept my eyes open, and downlaoded the instruction manuals of every other MIDI controller out there, and I concluded that the marginal functionality I might gain is completely not worth it against losing the PC Editor ability.
      If you have very specific questions related to whether the 1010 can do certain things, I'll be happy to help you, and please note that it works flawlssly with the Orville MIDI codes that Italo gave us a few weeks ago.

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      I took a quick look at the Moog. it does have a rotary encoder and other things that would be handy to control synths. You did not mention if you are a keys or guitar player? All my comments were made as a guitarist, but the Moog might have keys friendly features that the 1010 does, although at more than 2x the price. I had looked at the Roland 300 a while back, considering upgrading from the 1010, but the additional features seemed negligible and no PC Editor.

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      actually using it for vocals … any further thoughts?

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      I assume you don't care about rotary encoders and other synth controllers. Furthermore, I also assume you won't be stomping on the stomp buttons 5x per song, which would alleviate the risk that the stomp buttons are of lower quality, although I find the metal case to be of solid and rigid build quality. I have used my first unit for 4 years, and the second for 3 years and never had a problem. So as long as you mostly use it for switching programs and using the expression pedals, which you'll have 2 of, it sounds like a viable alternative.
      Let us know if you have very specific issues to solve, but otherwise, it should be just fine.

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      I had the ART x-15. Solid build but awkward buttons. There is an editor for it. I sold it recently.

      I now have a Yamaha mfc10 because it allows 4 external pedals/switches in addition to its 1 onboard pedals and 10 programmable buttons. No editor though.

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