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      Hey, just got H3000 Native installed and working in Logic 9 but in Live 7 I cant select the presets and I dont get the graphic of the Hamonizer- I just get a graphic of a bunch of generic sliders? 

      In the plug-in graphic, there is an area labelled Properties and another label underneath for Factory Preset. Next to the Factory Preset label is a part box (10% other 90% missing) which is blue.

      So anyhow I cant load any presets in Live 7.

      Works fine in Logic 9.

      After reading some Live FAQs I've found that "For technical reasons, versions of Live prior to Live 8 only allow access to the first 128 parameters of VST and AU plug-ins."

      Does anyone know how many tweakable parameters H300 Native has?

      Its gonna be a botch to add an upgrade of Live to the cost of getting H3000 working.

      It may be a case of not really Eventides issue but a known incompatability maybe???


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      Eventide Staff

      We've really done no testing with Live 7 so don't know what the problems are – in practice we can only effectively support the current or recent version. Sorry.

      We'll look into it, but my guess is that we won't be able to do much. Live 8 support was difficult enough ..

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      yeah totally understandable Nic.

      It would be interesting to know if H3000 Native does indeed have more than 128 assignable parameters and so this may point to a known issue which Ableton have identified.

      Maybe this will be one to add to any list of H3000 Native compatibility issues if that exists. Then again maybe its more of Abletons issue- chicken and egg situation I guess.

      I can feel an upgrade coming on……..

      Thanks for your help


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      the solution is to update to Live 8 where it all works well.


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