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      nice plugin so far (soundwise) but i have a few issues which makes it almost unusable:

      in logic 9 latest version

      -wheel not automatable (why to hell is that?)

      -softkeys don't keep they'r name (userpresets)

      -plugin creates a new userfolder when i save preset, this is fixed when i unload and restart the plugin

      (same with blackhole)

      -typ in values (delaytime,ect.) is sometimes a pain in the a**, doubleclick for the first time and you're fine, but sometimes u have to click in again, because you can't typ anymore..

      as i said, this plugin sound very good, but its absolutly not grown up….

      please fix this


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      I noticed the Big Knob automates in Pro Tools 10 but you have to have the GUI visible on the screen for it to work.

      Doesn't work in Ableton Live 9 though.

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