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      Hello, I just purchased the H3000 Factory cause it was on sale and I bought it intending to make the famous Michael Thompson preset found in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=146hwtCwyP4) at 4:14 where he uses the patch 519~MICROPITCHSHIFT~MULTI-SHIFT as a delay by uping the delay time. Unfortunately I found out that that preset and some of the other presets from the original harware unit were missing and I was a bit dissapointed. 

      If anyone knows how to recreate the famous Michael Thompson sound using the H3000 Factory Plugin that’d be awesome, I love eventide and have an H9 and Space but I also found out that you  can’t entirly recreate that sound on the H9 either. 


      Another thing I think lot of people would enjoy is a place to share user presets for the various different eventide plugins like the H3000 Factory and others etc.

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      Eventide Staff


      H3000 Factory is a combination of the Patch and Mod Factory algorithms from the original hardware, so not all patches from the original hardware are present. 231-MICROPITCHSHIFT or 521-MICROPITCH-SLAP may get you close to the sound you linked.

      Preset sharing is a great idea. This already exists for our stompboxes, but not yet the plugins.


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      Dub Gabriel

      I love the preset community for my H9’s and would love to see such a thing for H3000 and other plugins

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      Preset community for your plug ins would be amazing! All developers should have this. Not many have one. You guys could lead the way!


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      I’d also appreciate it if you had an area for users to share presets of the plugins as well as for the stomp boxes

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      Revol Golana

      Was hoping that there would be preset sharing for the H3000 plugins; is this still not a thing?

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        Eventide Staff

        Sorry, there is no official place to share plug-in presets.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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