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      I have H3000 Factory *and* an H3500 DFX. I’m sad that this preset is missing from the plugin.


      Before I spend my entire evening trying to recreate it in the plug-in, can anyone tell me if it’s possible or has already been done by someone? It’s a Mod Factory Two preset.




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      Unfortunately we aren't able to provide that preset with the plugin, but you're right that it should be possible to accurately recreate since it's a Mod Factory Two preset.


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      Can you elaborate on why it’s not possible for you to provide it?

      I have all the parameters set correctly, but for some reason, I’m unable to get the routing sorted out properly. I can’t get it sounding right.


      This is really important to me. This preset has featured prominently on a few records I’ve mixed that have been very successful. If I were able to recreate this preset properly in the plugin, I would be able to sell my H3500, which people keep offering to buy from me, and I would like to sell it to them. But I’m basically holding on to this hardware unit for this *single* preset, and it’s bumming me out.


      Some help would be greatly appreciated.

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      My email is danielsfarris@gmail.com if anyone wants to help me with this off the forum. I’m willing to pay.

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