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      I am using the H8000's firewire capability for routing audio. when I use the i/o plug in logic 8 I leave the i/o level set to zero and then when I stream audio through the h8000 and back into logic the level remains the same. Heres the problem I'm having, when I route the steaming audio to another track to record and then record the audio, once I play it back the audio level is lower approx 6 db, so I end up having to boost with a gain plug or channel strip volume. I can verify that the problem has to do with the audio going out of logic, through the h8000 and back into logic, because I tried recording to another track without the h8000 in the signal chain and the resulting audio remained the same, there was no level drop.

      Though I dont understand what is causing this behavior I am trying to find a work around, my two ideas are to 1.boost the level in the i/o plugin output or 2. boost the level within the h8000
      What do you recommend? I wish I knew what was causing the level change in the first place, any ideas?

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      that's a bit weird as we haven't had any report about this.

      You need to describe (with details):

      -the exact routing between I/Os and DSPs

      -the used presets (names & numbers)

      as a workaround you can't boost the H8000 levels. If you are working in digital domain and levels are already at 0.0dB…there's nothing you can boost above that. Try boosting Returns in Logic.


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