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      I want to connect a friend's EVE/NET remote to my H8000 (OS 5.2).
      Nothing happens. The H8000 starts up with the message "EVE/NET present", but that's it. In the setup-menu EVE/NET, it says 'offline' and 'versions: none'.

      But the remote works out of the box with my friend's Orville/R. With the same cable.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks is advance.


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      Eventide Staff

      The "EVE/NET present" message just means that the H8000 has detected its own EVE/NET hardware. This is good, but there is more …

      There are a number of reasons why the H8000 may not be seeing the remote. See the EVE/Net User Manual for more information and to understand the notes below.

      1) Most likely is that the "unit", "mode" and especially "range" parameters are set incorrectly. The  "unit" and "range" parameters need to be the same for both the remote and the H8000 .

      2) Does the remote show any life/lights at all ? If not, check the fuse on the H8000 motherboard near the EVE/Net socket which supplies power to the remote. Also in this case, check the ground jumper J2802.

      3) Check that the termination jumper J2803 is installed correctly on the H8000 motherboard. 

      4) If none of the above resolve the issue, their may be a hardware problem, but this is uncommon. 

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       the parameters are set correctly. Of course I consulted the manual before bothering you. 🙂

      The remote doesn't show any life at all, so I'll have to pull the unit out of the rack. Unfortunately, the H8000 is in production use right now, so I will get back to you with results later on.

      Thanks for all your suggestions!!


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      Greetings Sebastian,

      If after you pull out your H8000 and perform any additional trouble shooting and you find the Eve/Net is still unresponsive, feel free to contact the Support Department for additional advisement.

      Best of luck!

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