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      I have an H8000A running OS 5.2.  It inconsistently, randomly stops responding to MIDI.  When it gets in this state, the MIDI indicator fails to light up and cc messages are ignored.  In all other aspects, it appears to continue to function fine.  The MIDI thru works and devices downstream do get messages sent to them and respond appropriately.  The H8K is connected directly to my MIDI source; all other devices get the MIDI stream after it.

      When it gets in this state, there is no way out except to reboot it.  I've tried disabling MIDI in Setup and then re-enabling it to no avail.

      Does this happen to anyone else?

      Any suggestions for a workaround short of a reboot?

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      Hi Sean

       is the MIDI cable fed from a direct source (computer) or from another box (MIDI Splitter/MIDI Thru)? Try a direct source.

      Try a different/shorter MIDI cable.

      Try a CLEAR SETUP.

      Install latest OS V5.3.



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