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      Hi, first post here. I am expecting my new H8000FW this week and I am reading a lot about it. Is there somewhere a document where I can find which parameters and values can be used? For example delay. What are the max delay times, filters etc… I’ve seen the manuals and other documents but I could not find this kind of info anywhere. Any info is welcome and thanks in advance.

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      Eventide Staff

      Pretty much all these things vary with the preset, so there is no common document.

      Long delays go up to 187 seconds at 48k, while regular delays go up to 44 secs.


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      I have my new H8000FW, arrived before xmax, I started to use it 2016 and about five times now there has been a loud pop from the h8000fw that put my desk control 24, and apollo, meters into the red and cause my adams s3a overload protecion to cut in,  pop it is less than 200ms duration. 

      today i fed dsp A into B then out. was fine 10 hours then pop or bang

      it did it just now

      it does not seem program dependant before it did it with dsp  A n B running in parrallel

      internal clock

      no midi, fire wire, or digi  I/o connected.

      i have just one analogue input  connected as I learn the unit.  This one fed from my spl preamp ,

      analogue outputs connected 1 and 2 that is all thats connected at this point

      the surge is not caused by the preamp as this has a parrellel out going to another apollo PTools  channel that did not peak

      it is not dependant on an audio source being fed to the h8000fw

      running mains through on a quality APC 1500 ups unit

      WHEN IT DOES IT ALL THE H8000FW INPUT CHANNEL meters LIGHT UP TO MAX ON EVERY CHANNEL (remember only hard input connected  is analoguechannel 1)



       the unit has to date done it after running in excess of 2 hours


      new unit, in studio, so no physical trauma pretty much done it since deliver 5 weeks back


      Love the sounds, front panel navigation not as bad as some will have you believe (but I did grow up with 8 menu deep Rolands and Korgs)

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like you have a power supply problem (sorry).

      Assuming your mains supply is good, you should probably return it to your dealer.


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