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      Hi All:

      I own an H8000FW processor, which I bought mainly as an FX unit for my live rig, along with some occasional recording session work.  While I love how it sounds, the sheer number of preset options is a bit overwhelming.  So I need some help…

      I am looking for some presets that will get me close to some of the current pop/dance vocal effects (such as anything Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, 'Radio Disney' etc–heavy processing, but no 'vocoder' sound).  I think many of these tracks are using microshifters and/or some other 'harmonizer'-type effects along with a delay in the 150-250 ms range (listen to the beginning of J-Lo's "On The Floor"), but I don't know where to start in the H8000FW.

      I'm also interested in the sound I hear on many (often 80's) rock vocals (Bullet Boys "Smooth Up", "For The Love Of Money", or any Sammy Hagar vocal with Chickenfoot).  I hear a delay along with something else, but I don't know where to start in the H8000FW.  For general live work I have used Preset 1624 (FOH) which has a nice delay, detuner, diff and verb, but I'm ready to dig deeper into this very deep piece of gear.

      Also, I am familiar with the need for good compression, EQ and mic selection–it's the effect end that I'm still figuring out.

      Any help from those with more experience with this unit would be much appreciated.



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      There's got to be someone out there with some input to this question.  Again, I'm talking very straightforward rock and pop vocal effects.



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      Attached is a spreadsheet with preset suggestions for use with various audio sources. Maybe you can use this as a starting point!

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      Matthias Adloff

      Highly appreciated!!

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      did the attachment get removed?

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