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      Rich Gantner

      I am using Digital Performer with a Mac Pro quad core.  OS Lion.  I just set up my brand new H8000FW.  I have created an aggregate device.  All four of my 2408s are recognized in DP as I/O options along with "Aggregate Device"  numbered 33-40, which is the H8000.  I cannot figure out how to route signal to the H8000 and back again.  Could use some help, as I am struggling with this.  Thanks.

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      Eventide Staff

      To use OS Lion, you need to use the latest Beta H8000 software (see H8000 support section for more info).

      Assuming you are doing this, and have studied the section "Configuring the H8000FW for
      Macintosh Output" in the User Manual your problem may be in understanding the H8000's routing arrangements. Probably the easiest way to get a result is to use one of the Factory Routings, e.g. "FIREWIRE A || B" on p.32 of the UM.

      Another option would be to play with the Routing Utility – see H8000 support section for more info.

      Don't know anything about DP, so can't be any use if that is where your problem lies.

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      Rich Gantner

      You are right.  I had actually done everything you mentioned, except I used a different preset.  In any event, I got it working.  Since I couldn't find the H8000 on the insert pull down, I sent audio out to the H8000 via an aux send and back in through an aux channel.  It worked!  Thanks for your input.


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